Dignified Burials at Sea are available in the Gulf of Mexico West of Bradenton, Florida with Gulfing Adventures.   Hi, I am Captain Dave, a graduate of Johnson Bible College and an Ordained Minister.  If you have a loved one who has chosen to be buried at sea, we are here to assist you in fulfilling their request. Gulfing Adventures offers Burials at Sea that are unique and allow our loved ones to become one with nature forever. Many have found Burial at Sea to be a natural progression following cremation. Gulfing Adventures offers ministerial, dignified, caring and affordable means of burial for those who wish to have the cremains of their loved ones interred with the Sea.

I personally and compassionately perform your Burials and will assure the continuity of your devotion.


We will travel approximately 3 1/2 miles west of Anna Maria Island Florida to ensure that your loved one is laid to rest in a very quiet and serene area in the Gulf of Mexico. If you prefer to have specific prayers or memorial words spoken at the dissemination service, I will certainly accommodate your wishes. If you do not have any specific requests I will conduct the dignified Burial at Sea service, concluding with the reading of a poem and scripture.  If you choose a floral arrangement, I will spread those flowers encircling the area of your loved one on the Sea.

  • Our basic unattended burial fee is $400. Fees include the filing of all required regulatory governmental documents relating to Burials at Sea. Within 30 days of the Burial at Sea service, Gulfing Adventures will provide you with a certificate of dissemination. The certificate is suitable for framing and will state the date, time, latitude and longitude of the final resting place of your loved one's cremains.


All service arrangements will be planned prior to leaving the dock and will be flexible to accommodate the family’s request. Loved ones may share memories, poems, and songs, as we scatter the ashes upon the water.   You may mail or personally deliver the cremains of your loved one to Gulfing Adventures.   We will require an authorization document, and an original sealed death certificate.  Kindly notify me, via e-mail or by phone, with a mail tracking number if you should decide to send your loved ones cremains by mail. 


Gulfing Adventures will provide your loved one with a dignified burial at sea.