Red Snapper season is open in September and October, and on Labor Day for the Gulf of Mexico. This is only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Min. Size 16" TL 2 pp (included in the 10 per harvester per day state snapper aggregate bag limit.) 

Have you ever wondered just exactly what does that term mean? Aggregate Bag Limit? Well there are bag limits, and aggregate bag limits. Bag limits are pretty straight forward they apply to the individual fish and angler and if it says 2 that means a maximum of 2 per person (pp). Similar to the bag limit there is a term called aggregate bag limits. These apply also to the individual anglers and are only used on similar species such as grouper or snapper and are managed by FWC in this manner. 

For example lets use the snapper. (W/A = within Aggregate, N/I = Not counted in the Aggregate.) Currently the FWC laws have placed limits on the following fish. Red Snapper (2 pp W/A), Mangrove Snapper(5 pp W/A), Lane(Not Counted), Cubera (up to 10), Vermillion (10 pp N/I), Schoolmaster (up to 10), Mutton (up to 10), Yellowtail (up to 10), etc are most of the snapper family. 


You could have 2 Red Snapper, 5 mangrove snapper, and a combination of (yellow tail, mutton, schoolmaster, Cubera, totaling not more that 3 for an aggregate bag limit of 10). In addition you could have 10 Vermillion because they are not counted in the aggregate limit but fall into the bag limit of 10. Keep in mind that size and location matter check current FWC Laws, and locations matter as for being in State or Federal waters.


I hope this helps you better understand the bag limit vs the aggregate bag limit. Message me if you have any question and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Red Snapper

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