Snook may be the perfect gamefish. It is a tremendous fighter that requires skill to land and is one of the best tasting fish you'll ever eat. Snook are often referred to as linesiders, and are a very distinct looking fish. This subtropical marine fish is long and silvery and has two dorsal fins, a long head, and a large mouth with a protruding lower jaw.

They are normally found South of Homosassa on the West Coast and Port Canaveral on the East Coast due to low water temperatures in the winter.

When the water temperatures drop below about 60 degrees, snook head for warmer waters. This is the reason for the December through February closed seasons on the West Coast. The fish become very lethargic when the water is cold and can easily be exploited by unethical anglers.

What this means is that the fish tend to just float near the surface and some fisherman have been known to just scoop them up with nets. At the northern range of the fish, some will die if they cannot find a warm water refuge. Even those in the subtropical climates can die overnight if the water temperature drops to quickly due too shock. 

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